Without carnitine, fats cannot be burned for energy; without energy, cells become weak and can die.

Optimizing carnitine levels has been found to have dramatic benefits for low energy, obesity, and fatigue. Controlled trials have demonstrated that carnitine increases weight loss by promoting optimal fat burning by the mitochondria. Carnitine also helps promote heart health, maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, and sports endurance and recovery.*

Carnitine Tartrate powder is a superb value. It has a pleasant tart taste and mixes well with liquids. It is highly recommended for those needing higher doses of carnitine.

Consider adding a small amount of xylitol and cold water to Carnitine Tartrate to create a ‘lemonade’ flavored drink.


Progress is the journey and perfection is the destination that you will never arrive at because it’s a myth. People that focus on perfection often end up anxious and discouraged. Progress is the journey that should be enjoyable. This is why I created this t-shirt, which is also the first created by Ascend Perform. A past client Andy Bates is the model here. He trained with me as a college wide receiver.