Imagine your fitness journey being a stress reliever and not a stress inducer, being fun and getting results easily. That's exactly how it should be and what I do.

I help you achieve your goals by making them easy for you. Your workouts aren't designed as if you're training for the Olympics (unless you actually are). I train you based on your goals, your abilities, and your needs. Your workouts are designed for you. We don't have everyone do the same thing nor think that would be the most optimal.

You won't be asked to do something you can't do and leave the gym feeling like you've been destroyed from some insane workout. I believe in making things as easy as possible while still producing great results. We do this by understanding the concept of compounding progress, small improvements leading to big results over time, hence my motto Chase Progress, not Perfection.

Hi, I'm Chris Grayson

I first got into the fitness industry in 1999 after getting out of the Marine Corps. I was pretty much obsessed with learning everything I could, which ultimately led me to work and intern with some of the brightest and best in the industry. To this day my love for all things fitness hasn’t wavered and every day I’m continuing to learn and grow as a coach.

I have multiple certifications and plan on getting more, but more importantly, I have trained hundreds of people over my 21 years working in this industry. 

Every coach will say how good they are but I believe results achieved and my clients’ voices speak louder than mine. I encourage you to take a look at the testimonials I’ve received.


Here's my promise to you. If you make all your training sessions and implement the nutritional principles that I help you with and aren't satisfied by the results I will give you your money back or train you for free.



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Alignment must precede everything. You should never build strength over a dysfunctional movement pattern. This will yield inefficient results or worse, lead to an injury in the future.



Determine what the training objectives are and devise a plan for the short term as well as the long term. This is referred to as periodization.



We use the Train with Push app to collect all necessary data to establish a baseline or point of reference. From this we prescribe all the building blocks to an effective program designed for you, collect the data to show progress, and identify when the details of your program need to be changed.



Once you’ve gotten used to your program and results have slowed down we then make changes. This helps to ensure long-term results and also avoids staleness by providing variety.



When it comes to results, nothing matters more than what you eat. We make sure to help you as much as possible albeit moving into your home and cooking for you. We use an app created by Designs For Health to put you on a diet that is right for you. With over 16 plans to get you started (example: Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Clean Eating, along with health-related focuses), we pick the one that makes the most sense for you and then help you implement it. We continually adjust the plan so long-term consistency is easy and it’s perfect for you.

Ready to get started? Choose the training option that’s right for you. 

Personal Training

To get started we measure your initial strength levels to establish a frame of reference, identify your weaknesses structurally, and determine a plan of action. Useful data is collected with all workouts to show progress and adaptations.

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ATHLETE Training

A more comprehensive strength assessment is performed. We also look at the strength qualities and energy systems involved in your sport and create an appropriate periodized program so you peak for the season or the athletic event.

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Virtual Training

We start with an initial strength assessment and have you fill out our general health questionnaire to identity any lifestyle/health issues that are bottlenecks. We discuss and go over the results and all necessary aspects via video conference, email, and/or text for constant support. Training and nutrition are constantly monitored and tweaked as needed.

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