Partner with a coach boasting over 23 years of experience in the fitness industry and achieve the results you desire more efficiently than going solo.


Unlike group fitness classes and bootcamps, we acknowledge your unique requirements and provide a customized training approach that is focused on you. We design your workouts based on what you have, what you own, and what you can tolerate…and we collect the relevant data to prove results. Enhance your progress with the guidance of an experienced coach with over 23 years of proven success.

personal training
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We create customized training programs that consider your unique needs, goals, and abilities. Unlike group training or bootcamps, we tailor our approach to your anatomical features and individual training objectives. Our personalized approach ensures we design a workout frequency and volume that’s best for you. We are committed to giving you comprehensive, one-on-one training that brings you maximum results.

As sports trainers, we analyze individuals’ specific sport demands and physical needs. Proteus Motion assesses strength, power, or speed training. Length tension tests evaluate tightness or a lack of stability. We monitor and track progress and make necessary changes to ensure optimal results with and consistent improvements. Our goal is to provide customized training for each athlete to maximize potential.


The Proteus is a state-of-the-art testing and training device that is proven to dramatically improve athletic performance (strength, power, speed, acceleration and deceleration). In less than 10 minutes, you can test your entire body, set a filter to compare yourself to your desired cohort, and see:


Chris Grayson has extensive experience in exercise and training, having developed a passion for fitness during his high school wrestling career. Following his time in the Marines, Chris pursued his love of fitness by guiding others towards achieving their personal fitness goals. He demonstrated exceptional dedication to becoming the most skilled trainer possible, which led him to secure a position at the esteemed Poliquin Performance Center. During this time, Chris had the opportunity to learn from Charles Poliquin, a globally recognized and often considered the most accomplished strength coach in the world. Chris’s committed passion for fitness and extensive knowledge in the field allow him to provide his clients with exceptional coaching and guidance towards achieving their best selves.

Chris has trained everyone on the spectrum, from firefighters and police officers to mixed-martial artists and a UFC champion to the everyday person looking for improved health and better physique. Chris has owned and operated two training facilities, one in Chicago for twelve years, and is currently in Simpsonville, South Carolina with his new business ascend perform.