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It’s no secret today that athletes gain a competitive edge through training

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Testing Your Strength

We initiate the process with an all-encompassing evaluation through the use of our Proteus Motion device. This evaluation assesses and identifies the physiological requirements for enhancing strength, power, and speed in all three planes of motion and with targeted muscle groups.


Collecting Data To Track Progress

At Ascend Perform, we base our approach on empirical evidence. We collect and analyze workout data to determine the effectiveness of our training methods, and to identify potential impediments to progress. Our data-driven approach enables us to monitor your progress accurately and determine when stagnant periods might be looming.


Adapting And Adjusting Your Training

Through a series of ongoing observations and feedback, we adjust your training to your ever-changing needs. Our philosophy recognizes the importance of avoiding the formation of dysfunctional movement patterns or imbalances, and utilizing exercises that complement your unique anatomy. Our approach guarantees that the strength built is not compromised by any maladaptive movements.




ATHLETE Training

Our program includes a thorough strength assessment to identify the specific strength qualities and energy systems that are crucial to your sport. We then create a tailored and periodized program to ensure you hit your peak performance during the season or for your athletic event. If you would like to enhance your athletic training experience, please take a moment to answer a few straightforward questions. We look forward to working with you to achieve your athletic goals.



At Ascend Perform, we are dedicated to helping athletes enhance their abilities and achieve their highest potential, allowing them to excel in their sport. Our training methods are grounded in science, and we prioritize a well-rounded approach to athletic performance, encompassing endurance, explosiveness, strength, speed, stability, and mobility. Our coaching focuses on the specific and individual needs of each athlete, utilizing our thorough and comprehensive performance assessments. With more than 20 years of experience in program design and athletic development, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. At Ascend Perform, we offer the expertise and resources you need to take your athleticism to the next level.

At our facility, we prioritize the demands of sport and tailor our approach to each athlete’s unique needs. To determine areas for improvement, we conduct a thorough assessment, including a force-velocity profile using our advanced Proteus Motion device. This screening helps us identify whether an athlete requires increased strength, power, or speed and reveals any imbalances that may exist throughout the body. Prioritizing balance throughout the body is key to preventing injuries and optimizing performance. Additionally, we assess an athlete’s stability and mobility to determine areas that require additional attention. Our ultimate goal is to maximize our athlete’s training potential by targeting areas that will provide the most substantial return on investment.

Here are some screenshots of the Proteus Motion assessment (you can click on them to enlarge the image).


We at Ascend Perform believe that in order for athletes to reach their true potential, their nutritional needs must match the demands of their training. We work with athletes to understand their current habits and help them build sustainable new ones to achieve results. Our philosophy is based on fundamentals for nutrition, and we don’t subscribe to fad diets. Instead, we focus on creating sustainable dietary changes that athletes can maintain in the long run. To this end, we have created the Essential Guide to Nutrition Principles book, which is an excellent resource for anyone looking to fine-tune their nutritional plans. We also use a nutrition app to help with grocery shopping and provide guidance on what foods to eat and avoid. Our goal is to help athletes achieve optimal results in their performance by tailoring a nutritional plan that is perfect for them.

Typically, our training sessions last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Our training approach is not rigidly time-based as scientific evidence has demonstrated that extended training sessions lead to an increase in stress hormones with a corresponding decrease in anabolic hormones. Therefore, we always strive to maximize the effectiveness of our training, and avoid counterproductivity by keeping our sessions to a reasonable length.

Results really vary from person to person. Some things that will determine this are:

  • your frequency and commitment to training (try not to miss workouts).
  • If you make any necessary changes to your diet (example: hitting your daily protein goals.)

I can guarantee you will get significantly stronger, faster, and more explosive but I can’t give you specifics for you. I can promise you that we can prove results with data and you will see big improvements.

“I’m a 16 yr old junior at Taft high school. I started looking for a trainer when I decided I wanted to play baseball at the college level. Being a high school student I needed to find someone with a flexible schedule. Thankfully I was able to find Chris. I started training with him and only weighed 175. After 7 months I gained 15 pounds of muscle and added 7 miles per hour to my fastball. I really enjoy working out with Chris, he’s easy to train with, he always explained why I was doing exercises and which muscles they strengthen. He also gave me advice on diet and supplements. I can’t say enough about what a great experience it has been training with Chris.” 

Nick Smith – High School Baseball Pitcher

We’re by appointment only but we’re willing to work from: 

6am – 9pm Monday – Friday 

7am – 1pm Saturday. 

We’re closed on Sunday.

Most athletes are probably going to train after school when it’s in session. I like to reserve anywhere from 3-5pm for athletes to train. This time slot would be solely for athletes.


 If we don’t get you results we really couldn’t blame you for wanting to leave.

Yes we do!

We use health practitioner brands Designs For Health and Thorne. These brands have the highest standards in purity and efficacy such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and NSF Certified for Athletes. We also offer specific tests to provide assurance in what you need such as Metabolomics Spotlight, Genomic Spotlight, and GI Spotlight from Designs For Health.