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This quote comes from Tom Purvis, an authority in biomechanics, and aptly defines our training ethos. Given our firm belief that every person is distinct, we design the training individually and not for a group. Our customized programs are tailored to suit your specific goals, anatomical structure, movement patterns, and physical abilities.  



Testing And Assessing

The initial step is to perform a thorough assessment to determine what strength qualities you need to focus on most and to establish a baseline of strength and movement quality. The training regimen will be designed based on the evaluation outcome, and your specific training objectives. The program is formulated with an inherent balance among various movements and muscle groups. We then proceed to evaluate your level of proficiency in these movements to confirm the absence of dysfunction, as it is critical to avoid building strength on an unstable foundation. 


Collect Data To Track Progress

We gather relevant empirical data from each workout. This strategic approach aims to guarantee optimal outcomes centering on the progression of exercise practice, paired with an accurate assessment of the adaptation of the training stimulus. Our research confirms that there is a strong correlation between measured data, and the corresponding enhancement in fitness performance. Do to this belief, we operate with the motto – What gets measured gets improved.


Adapting And Adjusting Your Training

Typically, individuals can expect to adapt to an exercise routine within 4-6 workouts, although specific muscle groups may respond at different rates. We collect data to monitor client progress and confirm any adaptations. To support long-term progress and stave off staleness, we introduce changes to the exercise regimen as the body acclimates to the current routine. Research indicates that incorporating different angles, resistance profiles, and training methods can enhance the efficacy of your workout and improve your results.




Personal Training

At Ascend Perform, we pride ourselves in delivering tailored training solutions that cater to individual needs. The training programs are customized to meet your unique skillset and experience level. If you’re ready to take the next step towards your training goals, answer a few simple questions to initiate the process. We look forward to helping you achieve your desired training outcomes through our personalized approach.



  • Over 23 years of experience training people for a living.
  • Multiple certifications and a growth mindset (I continue to invest in my knowledge).
  • Over 80 testimonials
  • Very good $ rates.
  • Guaranteed Results

“If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to their craft, look no further. Chris will go above and beyond to make sure you are successful in your training. He will provide you the best tools, education, supplements and mentorship. This man is a expert at what he does.”

In a semi-private setting, clients execute tailored programs designed specifically for them. We don’t do group classes where everyone is doing the exact same workout. We prioritize the training for the client. There can be anywhere from 1 up to 4 people training, all with their specific program.

Our personalized training programs are tailored to your unique goals, anatomy, movement patterns, and physical capabilities. We believe that every person has different degrees of capabilities and needs and this is why we train each person according to their specific needs.

Here’s the process:

  • Proteus Motion Performance Test and structural balance assessment to identify your strengths and your weaknesses.
  • Length tension test to determine your level of mobility with specific joints and muscle functions.
  • We then design your programs based on the above as well as your primary training objectives.
  • We observe every workout and assure the quality of your movements and proper execution of all exercises are good.
  • We collect appropriate data with every workout to measure progress and to know when you’ve adapted to the training. Once you adapt we change what you do so you can continue to see progress. This is referred to as rate of adaptation and can vary from 2-6 workouts.
  • We rotate different workouts depending on how many times a week you train. Most clients will rotate two to three different workouts. This ensures you get stronger in multiple planes of movement.

Below is an image of the app we use to create the workouts and collect appropriate data.


In order to get in your best shape nutrition has to be a focal point. We see what your current habits are and help you to build new ones that are sustainable and will get you results. We don’t believe that fad diets work and we believe that any dietary changes should be something you can do permanently. If you can’t do it for a lifetime is it worth doing at all? This is why we created AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO NUTRITION PRINCIPLES book. 

We also use an app for nutrition to help with grocery shopping, what foods to eat and to avoid, as well as accountability. 

From here we discuss and help fine-tune a nutritional plan that’s perfect for you.


Workouts can range anywhere  from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. The time is mostly determined by the type of training you’re doing and your work capacity.

We don’t base the training on a set time but research has shown that the longer your training session is the more stress hormones go up and anabolic hormones go down, so it eventually becomes counterproductive if you train for too long.

We’re by appointment only but we’re willing to work from: 

6am – 9pm Monday through Friday 

7am – 1pm on Saturday. 

We’re closed on Sunday.


 If we don’t get you results we really couldn’t blame you for wanting to leave.

Results really vary from person to person. Some things that will determine this are:

  1. Your frequency and commitment to training (try not to miss workouts).
  2. If you make helpful and often necessary changes to your diet (example: hitting your daily protein goals.)

I can promise you will see big differences in strength with increased lean muscle. I’ve had people lose up to 25 pounds in 3 months and gain 10 pounds of muscle. Here’s a few before and after pics.

Yes we do!

We use health practitioner brands Designs For Health and Thorne. These brands have the highest standards in purity and efficacy such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and NSF Certified for Athletes. We also offer specific tests to provide assurance in what you need such as Metabolomics Spotlight, Genomic Spotlight, and GI Spotlight from Designs For Health.