Lance Hughes commenced his training with Ascend Perform in April of this year. Following his aspirations of becoming a professional boxer, he approached Ascend Perform to enhance his strength. This write-up will not delve into the intricate details of his training program, as it would be undesirably comprehensive. Rather, the subsequent section will scrutinize Lance’s Proteus Motion General Power Assessment scores to quantify his progress. Furthermore, the article features a video montage showcasing his training in action.



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The BEFORE was recorded on July 29th. His Overall power was 169 watts, ranking in the 40th percentile. The acceleration measured was 10.18 meters per second and ranked in the 24th percentile. The Overall Proteus Score was 0.94 watts/pound, ranking in the 34th percentile. These data points provide valuable information for assessing and improving performance.

The AFTER took place on October 21st. His Overall Power was 180 watts (up 11 watts), which falls in the 50th percentile. The Overall Acceleration was 9.82 meters per second (this was down a bit telling me that he needs to do more training for speed), placing it in the 25th percentile. The Overall Proteus Score is based on power to weight ratio and was calculated at 1 watt/pound (up .6 watts/pound), sitting in the 44th percentile.



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The screenshots above are Insights, which provide information on your strength and speed levels and whether there is an imbalance between them. The ultimate goal is to bring everything to the far right over time. Lance’s Insights showed he needed more strength in five exercises and had a power dominance in two exercises due to a discrepancy between his strength and speed. However, he has made great progress as he now has only three exercises where he needs more foundational strength and four exercises where he has enough strength. Lance just needs to increase his speed so he can produce his strength faster.

Here’s a video of some of the training we’ve done.

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