To be at your best, taking supplements is crucial. Nowadays, being average won't cut it. However, it's important to remember that the supplement market is like any other industry - there are high-quality supplements and there are low-quality ones. Investing in high-quality supplements will yield the best results.

Here’s what the Metabolomics test is (straight off the Designs For Health website).

The Metabolomics Spotlight functional wellness test analysis provides an in-depth view of the function and efficiency of multiple aspects of an individual’s unique biochemistry and metabolism. This analysis will assist practitioners in unraveling their client’s metabolic pathways and revealing their metabolic status.

How does this test benefit the client or patient?

Metabolomic analysis enables clinicians to view a larger picture of health by evaluating the function of key metabolic pathways to provide better targeted support and lifestyle changes for a truly personalized approach.

Each functional wellness test contains everything necessary, including detailed instructions on how to noninvasively collect a urine sample and send it in for analysis. A report with the results contains a unique, in-depth assessment of many key areas of biochemistry and metabolism essential for human health, including the following:

  • Metabolic and macronutrient processing
  • Mitochondrial function and micronutrient status
  • Amino acid, protein, and neurotransmitter metabolism
  • Inflammatory response and oxidative stress
  • Detoxification and microbial metabolites
  • Stress, mood, and overall well-being

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Here's What My Entire Metabolomics Report Said:

Methods are many, principles are few. Methods often change, principles rarely do.

Achieving a healthy, balanced diet that you can adhere to for life requires a sustainable and personalized approach. It’s essential to establish a set of rules or principles that form a solid foundation to build upon. Diet fads come and go because they only work for a short period, and you want lasting results. Thus, instead of focusing on short-term solutions, emphasis should be on creating a sustainable lifestyle. When considering a diet, ask yourself if it’s worth committing to for the long haul. This is what An Essential Guide To Nutrition Principles is all about.

Here’s some of what’s covered:

  • What should you eat first thing in the morning?
  • When is the best time to eat carbs?
  • How often can I have a cheat meal?
  • How compliant do I need to be?
  • What, if any, supplements should I take?


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