The Core Musculature: Force Transducer, Not Force Producer

(Pictured here is one of my clients that’s an adamant golfer training a rotational core exercise to transfer force through the core into the upper body as a driver.) The human body is an incredibly complex machine, and the muscles that make up our core are no exception. These muscles, which include the rectus abdominis, […]

The Proteus Motion is Coming To Ascend Perform in February

The one piece of equipment i’ve been obsessing about. I discovered Proteus Motion on Eric Cressey’s blog. Cressey is the most successful and sought after strength coach for baseball players in the private sector. He’s so good the New York Yankees hired him and let him continue to train clients at his two facilities, one […]

How We Train Athletes At Ascend Perform

It’s no secret today that athletes gain a competitive edge through proper strength training. We’ve spent over 21 years training athletes for a living and constantly refine our skills to make the “proper” into the best. Here is what we do at ascend perform.  The first thing we do when an athlete comes in is […]

Training Tailored To You At Ascend Perform

At ascend perform we don’t have classes or boot camps where everyone is doing the same thing. We tailor your training based on your specific goals and on what you have, what you own, and what you can tolerate. What you have is best described as your anatomy. People have different heights, different muscle belly […]

Monitoring Stress And Fatigue With The Hooper Mackinnon Questionnaire

I first heard about the Hooper Mackinnon questionnaire on the Train With Push website ( I looked at the questionnaire and it immediately made sense to me how the questions asked could be very helpful for training, and I also knew how I could potentially use supplements to help as well, which I’ll get to […]

Will Training The Core Make You Lose Fat

I think saying “will training my abs make me lose fat” is more appropriate but if I said it that way someone is bound to ask me about the “core” because it’s such a buzzword. THE ANSWER IS NO. You will not lose more fat from doing a bunch of ab exercises. Lowering body fat […]