Our process is driven by a thorough evaluation that will effectively allow us to determine your necessary areas of training and provide strategies for successful implementation by you.

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The Proteus Motion system provides an extensive analysis of power output and velocity across three dimensions including sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes. The platform offers a continuous resistance throughout all planes of movement aiding in determining the force-velocity profile. The feedback gathered from multiple movements and muscles assists in deciding on focus areas for training. The system can identify an individual’s asymmetrical strength deficiencies. The device is a pioneering technology that promotes testing and training advancements in multiple settings. General and sport-specific assessments are available for enhanced performance evaluation. The Proteus Motion is an innovative and comprehensive testing tool that can revolutionize training programs.


We measure the velocity/speed of certain primary exercises to determine your 1-repition maximum so we can design better training programs for you based on percentages specific for you and your results. This will save you a lot of time for getting results because you’re removing any poundages that wouldn’t be sufficient in producing results.

estimated 1 rep max