All sarms have slightly more than 30mls in each bottle because we like to give customers a little more than 30 days worth to factor in if someone over measures the dropper. Shipping is already factored into the price for all the products so the cost is the literal cost.


The most popular sarm we sell and the strongest. Great for size and strength gains.


This is a growth hormone secretagogue. It increases your natural growth hormone production by increasing the pituitary’s pulse rate and pulse frequency. It also increases ghrelin which will increase your appetite. MK677 is great for adding size, increasing appetite, improving sleep, and helping you heal and recovery. It stacks well with RAD140 or LGD4033.


GW501516, also known as cardarine, is a PPAR delta agonist. It increases mitochondria biogenesis. It is a great fat loss agent and great for improving your cardio.


LGD4033 is a lot like RAD140. Some people claim to hold a bit more water with this sarm. It’s great for size and strength and is very popular.


This is the weakest sarm but also the safest. Great for women or men that are trying sarms for the first time. If you’re looking for impressive results though I believe RAD140 is the one you should take.


Carnitine Tartrate increases the sensitivity to the androgen receptor so taking this with sarms or anything that increases androgen levels will work better with carnitine. It’s also responsible for beta-oxidation allowing the mitochondria to use fat for fuel more efficiently. Because of this it’s also great to take with GW501516 along with a lower carbohydrate diet or a keto diet if fat loss is your primary objective. Take 4 level scoops (around 2.8grams) first thing in the morning or right before training.