The Proteus Motion is Coming To Ascend Perform in February

The one piece of equipment i've been obsessing about.

I discovered Proteus Motion on Eric Cressey’s blog. Cressey is the most successful and sought after strength coach for baseball players in the private sector. He’s so good the New York Yankees hired him and let him continue to train clients at his two facilities, one in the Boston area and one in Florida. 

The moment I saw what the Proteus can do and the problems it solves I had to have it. I obsessed over this device for damn near a year, eventually made a video talking about it, and then was contacted by Larry Domingo with a great opportunity to get one…and I jumped on it.

The Proteus Motion is coming sometime between February 17-19th.

Here is the video I made with my close friend and past client Andy Bates. I trained Andy at my old facility in Chicago around 2010 through 2011 while he played college football as a wide receiver.

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